Reduce billing times, DSO with VPConnect

For Deltek users, Hyland's OnBase vendor portal solution, VPConnect, helps project-based organisations reduce billing time and days sales outstanding (DSO) by automating invoice-related data collection for subcontractors.

With vendor portal software for accounts payable, organisations:

Gather information electronically, boost AP efficiency

Using a web portal, subcontractors electronically sign and submit their labor, expense and ODC data as well as attach any supporting documents for PO-based invoicing. For non-PO invoice submissions, vendors enter data and upload an electronic version through the portal.

This allows organisations using Deltek software to:

  • Quickly capture subcontractor information
  • Create bills faster
  • Take advantage of better payment terms and early payment discounts

Speeds up invoice reviews and approvals

VPConnect also provides administrators with direct access to all open POs including remaining balance amounts and status reports to ensure data integrity.

Combined with IAConnect, the OnBase invoice processing solution for Deltek users, organisations:

  • Process every invoice consistently
  • Increase process visibility
  • Provide management with a bird’s eye view of entire invoice approval process
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