Retention and Records Management

Manage your information through its entire lifecycle

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Records management software for maximum compliance

Modern organisations consume, create and manage an unprecedented amount of content. As the volume of information continues to grow, with it grows the need to comply with the numerous regulations and standards for how it should be used, stored and destroyed. Manually managing the information lifecycle at this scale, without a records management tool, is no longer feasible. Failure to automate records management creates operational inefficiencies and unnecessary security and compliance risks.

Retention policy management solutions from Hyland give you industry-leading records management tools and records management software to automate how you manage the lifecycle of your content. 

Leverage records management and retention management capabilities to:

  • Meet regulatory and industry requirements for data retention
  • Minimise legal risks associated with the accumulation of expired records
  • Configure automated rules and workflows for common retention tasks like approvals, transfer to storage, archival and deletion
  • Automate records declaration, retention and holds
  • Provide defensible auditing for the entire lifecycle of your records
  • Enforce structured retention policies for document destruction across the enterprise
  • Reduce processing expenses associated with manual deletion of documents
  • Save storage space through the automatic destruction of documents that no longer have value
  • Centrally manage physical records alongside electronic records, with uniform retention policies and chain of custody

With the retention and records management capabilities from Hyland, your staff can concentrate on the day-to-day business activities rather than worry about fulfilling specific records management and compliance needs.

Retention and Records Management within the Hyland suite of products: