Reduce or Eliminate Manual Indexing

Every document brought into an enterprise content management (ECM) system must be classified and indexed in much the same way that filing a paper document in a filing cabinet takes some thought and organisation. In other words, you must decide what the document is – a curriculum vitae, an invoice, and so forth – and then choose the information you will use to search for the document later – customer name, company name, date and so forth.

While it takes seconds to scan a document, it can take minutes of work per document to index because, often, a person must look at it, determine what to type into your ECM solution, and then manually type that into the system. Bottleneck city.

It is also essential that these values are accurate, otherwise documents will be “mis-filed” and can delay the business processes later on.

The time it takes to index the documents and verify that the values are correct can make this the most costly part of the entire process.

To reduce the costs associated with manual indexing documents, OnBase is specifically designed to reduce or eliminate manual indexing altogether:

OnBase AnyDoc

Imagine indexing more documents at less cost, faster with fewer employees.

With OnBase AnyDoc, scanned documents and forms are automatically indexed, reducing staff requirements for manual indexing. Documents become immediately accessible to users, accelerating business processes.

Minimise indexing costs. Maximise indexing results.

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Barcode Recognition Server

Even with a highly-skilled workforce, manual document indexing is labor intensive, costly, and error-prone.

A single OnBase workstation uses bar codes to automatically separate, classify and index your organisation's scanned business documents. Manual data entry and user errors are reduced.

OnBase and bar codes: minimal costs, maximum indexing.

Barcode Generator

Do you need to classify and index your scanned documents without spending hours on manual data entry? Would you like to accurately capture all necessary indexing information directly from line of business systems with just a single click?

OnBase creates bar code cover sheets, significantly reducing the costs and delays of manual rekeying. Data entry errors are reduced – business process cycles are accelerated. 

With OnBase, raise the bar on indexing!

Autofill Keyword Sets

Even if you do have to type some index values, autofill keyword sets can dramatically reduce the amount of hours spent indexing your documents. Often you will find documents with similar keyword values. For example, when multiple documents relate to a single customer, each document may share similar indexing values, such as customer ID, name, ZIP code and telephone number.

Once these values are entered, either in OnBase or in another system, OnBase can re-use those values during the indexing process of subsequent documents. Instead of typing the same values again and again, OnBase requires entering only the first unique value. OnBase will automatically fill in the rest.