SharePoint, File Shares, and FTP Sites

To be effective and efficient, your employees need the right tool for the job. And you do your best to provide them with a variety of tools. For example, your information workers collaborate on projects all day in Microsoft SharePoint. Other employees spend their day in OnBase, processing high volumes of business transactions. So what if your workforce needs to bridge the gap? 

Simple and easy to implement integrations from Hyland Software connect your OnBase and SharePoint worlds. 

With Archive Services for Microsoft SharePoint, instantly capture SharePoint content and automatically connect it to the rest of the documents, information and reports processed and historically archived in OnBase – all without any custom programming. 

File Shares and FTP Sites 

You can manually import and index all your documents in OnBase. Remember, though, that the most costly part of this process is manual indexing. If you are able to get the index values for each of your documents from somewhere else, such as another system or from file and folder names, you can save yourself a tremendous amount of time and expense by using an import processor. Here are two import processor options: 

You have large collections of documents in electronic format from third-party scanning services or outdated legacy systems. The conversion of archived content usually requires costly custom programming. 

Quickly and easily centralise the storage of these documents in one location: OnBase. Reuse existing text and XML indexing data to automatically import and classify thousands of electronic files. 

Whether from a multi-function device or third-party source, your documents already exist in a structured network directory. But can you instantly find specific documents or content related to a certain transaction? 

OnBase automatically imports and indexes directory files, leveraging the consistency of the existing naming and structure. All supporting documents for a transaction are now instantly connected. No custom coding or additional user activity is required.