High Volume Batch Scanning

Central and secure document imaging options for high-volume scanning

No matter where your content enters your organisation, you need to make it quickly accessible. Moreover, once you capture those documents into a central, secure electronic location like OnBase, you can free up space you would otherwise need for physical storage.

OnBase has direct integration with various scanning devices to make the batch scanning process as easy as possible. Allowing for quick capture and indexing right from the scanning device, the documents are then instantly retrievable from wherever OnBase is deployed and for all appropriate users.

OnBase batch scanning solutions meet the needs of your organisation

Moreover, OnBase gives you the option to allow remote offices to get the same high quantity of documents into OnBase without spending money on shipment or delaying processes because of the time it takes to transport a document to a central office location. Depending on the needs of your network and system, schedule those captured documents to upload to OnBase when it makes most sense – such as off peak hours so as not to affect the bandwidth of the system.

Hyland, creator of OnBase, also has an experienced Imaging Services department to offer up resources and expertise to allow you to outsource your scanning and indexing operation.