On-Demand Ad-hoc Scanning

Fast, efficient document capture options

Not every document you receive fits into a central batch-scanning model. Whether you are looking to capture documents at a reception desk or front desk, at individual employees’ desks or by employees at a department MFP device, OnBase has many options to fit those needs.

The time it takes to walk documents from desks down to a central scanning department actually slows the processing of those documents – so get that content captured at first receipt. OnBase has direct integrations with many of shared scanning device options such as ScanSnap, HP, Xerox, Kyocera and Konica Minolta. And with OnBase, indexing those documents is made easy with configurable indexing interfaces made specifically for the occasional user – even as easy as a single button.

OnBase enables users in front office registration areas to capture customer ID cards, applications, and proof of insurance at the source. Make your staff more efficient and enhance your customer service. Scan and classify directly from your current business application, reusing on-screen customer information for indexing.

And as all of these documents are being captured, these processes can take full advantage of our data capture capabilities, reducing the manual work involved and speeding the capture process even further.