InsurTech Part 5: The Challenge and Necessity of Digital Integration

Mark Breading, partner at Strategy Meets Action, and Charlie Hanna, director of Hyland Software’s Domestic Insurance Solutions Group, take on the challenge of integration.

Video Transcription

Analyst Interview: The Challenge and Necessity of Digital Integration

So, it sounds to me like integration is key and being able to address the needs to provide the content in the context of where knowledge workers are getting their information, where the distribution network is getting their information, and as well the insurers.

We both know that integration has always been the biggest challenge insurers have in the IT space, especially in the days of having to build hundreds of point-to-point integrations between all those systems I mentioned and their CRM systems and various solutions that are out there, and so the encouraging movement, and this is something that you at Hyland have led is, there’s a lot of pre-integration activity. There’s a lot of architectural design that is oriented around integration, thinking about how we create the right whole set of APIs that allow us to integrate with our partners and with others out there that are commonly used in the insurance industry.