How exposed are you? Where can you focus on opportunities for data security improvement?

While we strive for digital transformation today and look forward to InsurTech’s promise of a revolutionary tomorrow, insurers must not forget that information security is vital in the here and now. 

Modern digital systems and procedures must be fully secure to retain the trust of agents and insureds, and to protect companies from liability.

It’s time to ask the question, “How exposed are you?” Where can you focus on opportunities for data security improvement??

As you decide what digital transformation means to your organization, make sure digital security transformation remains top of mind. Do so by:

  • Changing data access automatically when roles change. Make it simple for a system administrator to immediately change an employee’s viewing and sharing privileges when he changes roles.
  • Establish a formal review of data privacy and data security policies covering USB and removable media. Avoid any possible digital Trojan horse.
  • Do not use public storage services that provide no encryption at rest. Sharing via the cloud is convenient. Just make sure you invest in an enterprise file sync and share solution hosted on a purpose-built cloud solution.
  • Make sure you understand the security frameworks your peers are testing and make a plan to test and adopt one. Your peers face the same challenges you do. Learn from them.

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