Westfield Bank


At Westfield Bank, we use OnBase in many departments throughout the enterprise. We use it in our HR department for onboarding new employees and managing employee terminations or roll changes. It’s very helpful to the IT department and also facilitates audit resolutions.

When we have examiners or auditors on site, we are able to give them access to the system, which makes our job a little bit easier, preparing for audits. We also use it for our expense management process, both for accounts payable and employee expense report processing.

We also use OnBase in several of our branch locations. Actually, all of them. Each location has a scanner – a multi-function device – and we process all our paper-based documents electronically. They get scanned to a central repository. They’re reviewed for quality. We make sure they were indexed correctly and the documents are clear. Then they are stored for ongoing customer research and processing downstream in all of our downstream transactions.

Being relatively new to Westfield Bank, some of the benefits I’ve noticed have definitely been in efficiencies. It’s so nice to not see mountains of paper all over the place.

Future plans are to get our arms around the overall infrastructure of the application. Strategically, I envision the bank interfacing with some of the key partners Hyland has, which I didn’t realize before I came to the conference (CommunityLIVE), so it was great to see vendors like Xerox, Canon, Topaz, and Docusign, all vendors that I have an existing relationship with. I think there’s a real strategic opportunity to further leverage those strategic relationships and really build some additional efficiencies into Westfield Bank.