Simple process configuration

Your organisation moves a million miles a minute. Outside forces like changing regulations and internal forces like new corporate initiatives mean you have to adapt quickly. Your crucial IT systems must adapt, too.

Simplified configuration tools make it easy to implement OnBase and make changes

OnBase features an intuitive visual tool to design and implement your business process workflows. While you’re mapping out your processes visually, OnBase is behind the scenes building the logic for you. The tool acts as your assistant, notifying you of areas in the process that aren’t completed. And then with a click of a button, OnBase assembles your process documentation for you – eliminating time spent creating drawings and writing explanations of your processes for training and compliance purposes.

OnBase also simplifies the creation of electronic forms for data input. Without any HTML or programming knowledge, you can create forms with advanced functionality in a matter of minutes that previously would have taken hours, days or weeks with custom programming. Features such as required fields, data validation, calculations with instant results, and the customisation of the form’s look and feel can all be configured in an easy-to-use form designer.

Streamline case-based processes with OnBase WorkView | Case Manager

Today’s organisations must constantly grow and evolve to stay competitive and relevant, and it’s crucial your business processes facilitate this. OnBase not only allows you to more easily adapt your processes to the changing needs of your business, but also allows you to incorporate and automate the entire process, both the structured, predictable parts as well as the unstructured, untamed components.

OnBase can help you simplify processes that involve managing a project, transaction or service, such as ongoing patient care or an insurance claim. Using OnBase, case-based solutions can incorporate documents, tasks, reminders, check-ins, follow-up information, notes, activities, recorded thoughts and much more. OnBase gives you a 360-degree view of your case-based processes, allowing for smarter decisions faster because all of the information you need is easily accessible.