Integrate with Any Application

Integrate OnBase with any of your applications

OnBase integrates with over 500 applications via a variety of integration options, allowing organisations to focus on improving business processes rather than custom coding.

Leverage information from another application to automatically launch processes in OnBase like composing documents, filling out forms or triggering business workflows. That way, users make critical business decisions faster with the most up-to-date information.

Utilise screen-level integrations with point-and-click configurability

Using OnBase, organisations can quickly integrate it with business applications with a few mouse-clicks. Users can opt for a real-time, no-click display of documents associated with their enabled screens or access documents and processes with a simple mouse click or key press.

By utilising OnBase, organisations:

  • Increase user productivity by eliminating application switching and automating manual tasks
  • Improve data accuracy and reduce re-keying of information by pulling data directly from the application screen
  • Expedite and improve business decision-making by delivering immediate access to supporting documents

Transform processes with purpose-built integrations

OnBase provides many purpose-built integrations for many widely-adopted applications including:

These specific integrations seamlessly feed information and documents between OnBase and other applications. Click on each line-of-business application to learn more about the integration.

Create data-level integrations to ensure information is current

OnBase offers its Enterprise Integration Server (EIS) to coordinate an instantaneous, guaranteed exchange of data between applications. Built on Microsoft BizTalk, EIS manages communication with business-critical applications using an enterprise infrastructure.

With EIS, organisations can:

  • Continuously update information in multiple systems – even as content is added, updated or changed throughout the process – keeping all systems in sync
  • Improve business decision-making by delivering immediate access to the most up-to-date information
  • Support a single integration platform, reducing the expense of maintaining multiple custom integrations

Ready to learn more? Visit the Integrations section to learn how you can streamline processes by integrating OnBase with your line-of-business applications.