Noridian Healthcare transitions into a digital work environment with OnBase

Digital transformation empowers workforce to adapt to new normal

With most enterprises transitioning employees to a work-from-home setup to adapt to the new normal, digital transformation is more paramount than it ever has been for employers.

Organizations such as Noridian Healthcare Solutions are paving this path and have created a blueprint for building an infrastructure to prepare for this shift.

Noridian was an early adopter of a commitment to digital transformation, which helped the organization successfully weather a typically challenging transition.

By implementing OnBase as its enterprise information solution, the healthcare provider seamlessly shifted its employees into a digital work environment. This step has been crucial in staying agile and continuing to successfully administer federal and state government programs for Medicare and Medicaid.

In this Noridian Healthcare Solutions case study, discover:

  • How Noridian worked with Hyland solution provider, Databank, to digitally transform
  • Components of Hyland’s OnBase solution which were key to Noridian’s success
  • Best practices in Noridian’s blueprint on digital transformation and empowering a remote workforce

Learn how Hyland’s OnBase can help prepare your workforce today.