Intelligent automation task matrix

Empower your employees by intelligently automating business processes

As its name suggests, intelligent automation (IA) involves leveraging technology to automate tasks… intelligently. By anticipating the needs of users and customers, intelligent automation helps organizations and their employees redirect their focus to high-value tasks that drive the business forward — instead of repetitive, manual work.

A holistic IA strategy includes a range of capabilities, including powerful capture, correspondence and robotic process automation (RPA). Find out where RPA and other IA technologies fit in your organization by downloading this task matrix, which aligns tasks by value and suggests complementary automation capabilities. You’ll learn:

  • The specific types of tasks that RPA is best suited for
  • Automation technologies that are designed to manage such tasks according to their complexity
  • Business results of a holistic IA strategy

When done right, intelligent automation can drive efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve information security and compliance. Download the task matrix to learn more!

Download the PDF