Civista Bank gains competitive advantage

Boosts customer experience with content services

Before implementing OnBase, Hyland’s enterprise information platform, Civista Bank had to retrieve paper documents from a vault where the files were stored. This kept bank employees from quickly answering customer inquiries.

“Every bank has money, and it’s all the same,” says Civista Bank’s Vice President of Commercial Lending Paul Koch. “What distinguishes you from the competition is your customer service.”
Civista uses OnBase to track documents and information as it flows through various stages of the loan process. 

“You can see where the process is stopping or where is it taking too long,” says Koch. “You can see who has the documents, who's looking at them and how long it is sitting at each spot. [OnBase] helps you monitor the timelines a lot better.”

Hear how Civista Bank uses OnBase to boost its customer experience and gain an advantage over the completion.