The financial industry is rapidly changing, and clients’ needs and expectations fuel that change.

Brokerage firms, registered investment advisors and other wealth managers who want to remain relevant – not only to new business prospects but to their current client base – will need to reevaluate their client communication model. How do they relay information to the client and how quickly? Are they responsive to questions and flexible with answers? How does the client receive that information? Through email? By text message? Even in an industry in which many customers still want paper documents, how quickly – and accurately – are those documents generated and mailed?

All at once, every client interaction becomes a chance to win or lose future business. Moreover, those interactions take place in more and more communication channels, from mobile apps to social media to the Internet of things. 

To win in this new industry, firms must implement a smarter client communication management strategy and solution. One built on stronger customer intelligence, by way of a client-centric view of data, and growing client demands.

Wealth managers in this new frontier will define success by both relationships built and the bottom-line because the two will become interchangeable. Communication stands in the center of it all.


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