Claims case management

Manage all aspects of a claim, from early assessment <br>to investigation and through settlement

With Hyland's insurance case management solution, claims administrators or examiners manage all aspects of a claim, from early assessment to investigation to settlement. From the onset of the claim through determination, insurance carriers must complete many tasks — collecting, reviewing and maintaining the supporting documentation to assess the claimant’s coverage, validating statements and negotiating the payment of claims.

Hyland's insurance case management solution allows claims examiners to easily access information, schedule tasks, notifications, and time-based reminders increasing efficiency across claims operations even during times of higher volume. Additionally, Hyland content services seamlessly integrate with financial systems to manage payment schedules, providing better control over the release of funds and providing the ability to track and audit claims-related activities to reduce compliance risks. 

Key benefits of Hyland’s insurance case management solution:

  • Increases productivity by reducing the need to search for information across multiple data sources
  • Ensures tasks are completed in a timely manner with reminders, timers, notifications, and other communications
  • Improves compliance through greater visibility, audit ability and adherence to internal controls
  • Reduces time to decision with immediate access to information

And, by leveraging ShareBase, exchanging supporting claim documentation with process participants such as agents, medical facilities, and financial institutions will speed processing even further.