OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Policy and Billing

Streamline underwriting and new business processing

The OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Policy and Billing provides insurers with a complete view of their information so they can make better decisions, accelerate processes and deliver a better experience to the customer.

Validated by Duck Creek as a certified Anywhere Managed Integration (AMI), the OnBase Accelerators for Duck Creek Policy and Billing can reduce the time of deployment by more than 50 percent and removes the challenge of having to upgrade both OnBase and Duck Creek simultaneously.

OnBase is Hyland’s enterprise information platform, combining integrated document capture, enterprise content management (ECM), case management, business process management (BPM), customer communications management and secure file sharing. OnBase extends and complements the value of the Duck Creek OnDemand platform.

Solutions that fit your situation

Much like Duck Creek Anywhere, the OnBase Accelerators for Duck Creek Policy and Billing are designed to provide you with the flexibility you need to leverage the integration through your preferred solution methodology.

That means the OnBase Accelerator solution is available whether you work within or outside of Duck Creek’s AMI offering. It also means you can host the solution within the Hyland Cloud or inside Duck Creek OnDemand.

More than software alone, OnBase Solution Accelerators represent a package of Duck Creek-tested and -approved software capabilities, Hyland professional services and ongoing customer support. It features pre-configured solutions that address common use cases in new business and underwriting, derived from real-world implementations. You can use these configurable component capabilities as-is for a solution to a particular problem, or extend as needed for a customized solution.

Policies delivered sooner

Profitable underwriting is a science even for the most simple product lines. The challenge and risk only increases with more complex policy requests. The OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Policy removes a portion of that risk by ensuring all required information is available and accessible to make the best decisions possible.
All content surrounding a specific policy is organized in a tabbed folder interface with supporting documents just a click away. Users instantly access those documents directly from within their Duck Creek system, improving decision making and eliminating the need to search through multiple applications, file shares and paper records.

Transform tedious billing processes

Today’s customers demand clarity, quickness and accuracy in their billing interactions. The OnBase Accelerator for Duck Creek Billing transforms tedious accounting processes to simplify and expedite the handling of customer billing inquiries, requests for duplicate invoices, escheat processing, collection documentation and more. Streamline and automate these repetitive tasks by providing the ability to generate needed supporting documentation, packages and reconciliations directly from the Duck Creek interface.