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A sophisticated cloud architecture is the most secure, flexible, agile environment in which to manage your content and processes

The strength and security of your organisation’s future depends in large part on its resiliency in the face of challenge. Whether that challenge comes in the form of a natural disaster, a global health crisis, an attempted security breach — or all three at once — your organisation could spend every minute of every day just trying to fend off catastrophes and uphold business continuity.

Add to that the exponential growth of the global datasphere, which IDC expects to hit one trillion gigabytes by 2025 (that’s ten times the data generated in 2016). Top it all off with the increasing complexity of solutions across the average organisation, and trying to effectively manage your organisation’s content and processes on-premises begins to seem impossible.

“Hyperagile and hyperscalable cloud applications will be critical to managing the enterprise data deluge and performing complex content-centric tasks in a timely manner,” IDC reported in its Hyland-sponsored Technology Spotlight.

When your organisation is preoccupied with trying to maintain its content, processes and cases – safely, securely and efficiently – it can hardly keep up with the competition, let alone evolve, innovate or transform.

IDC does acknowledge, however, that “choosing to move to the cloud is an arduous decision – identifying business process improvements across the enterprise and technology resource freedom in IT can make that decision easier.”

A report by IDG Communications delves into these and other benefits of moving content services to the cloud, with clear results:

“When asked whether they preferred the cloud or on-premises to achieve operational advantages in content management, cloud is consistently the top choice,” the report said.

In ten crucial business continuity categories (including disaster recovery, cost and security), business leaders chose the cloud. And in five content services-specific categories, IT and business leaders once again gave the overwhelming advantage to the cloud.



There are countless reasons to host your solutions in the cloud. IT leaders for enterprise organisations chose seven of the most appealing and persuasive of those advantages, which we compiled into

7 reasons to host your enterprise solutions in the cloud

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At Hyland, we believe technology should transform the way you work. The Hyland Cloud, intentionally designed to deliver our leading content services platform offerings, does just that.

When your solutions are safe and secure in the Hyland Cloud, the burden of managing their critical functions is assumed by the Hyland Cloud and its dedicated team – not your IT department.

That means your organisation and its people are free to focus on optimisation, innovation, growth and transformation – all of which combine to produce more excellent experiences for the people you serve.

That’s what the Hyland Cloud did for Heinen’s Fine Foods, a premium Cleveland-based grocery chain looking to expand into the Chicagoland area.

We’ve hosted solutions before, and we knew we didn’t want to be in the data center business. It’s expensive and difficult. Managing a server is a job in and of itself. What if something happens and the server gets destroyed? We wanted to know with certainty that the data was being cared for outside of our building.

Bob Walters, Business Analyst and OnBase System Administrator for Heinen’s

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Join Heinen’s and thousands of other organisations that are growing stronger into the future with the Hyland Cloud. Together, Hyland’s content services capabilities empowered by our purpose-built, multi-cloud architecture can drive digital transformation for your workforce and your organisation, more than ever before.

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