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Intelligent automation, driven by intelligent capture, is your organisation’s catalyst for growth

Most organisations want to grow. It’s no big stretch to assume yours does, too. More satisfied customers, more revenue, more innovative ideas springing from the minds of employees. But growth for growths’ sake – as appealing is it may sound – is neither scalable nor sustainable. Without an intelligent automation strategy and the tools to back it up, there will come a tipping point at which your organisation’s well-intended growth begins working against itself.


Maybe orders are being placed more quickly than you can produce them. Maybe more customers need service than you have people to serve them. Maybe you hire so many employees, thinking what you need is a larger workforce, that they can no longer communicate effectively internally and your entire organisation’s mission and message gets muddled.

Slow down. In order to grow faster, you must also grow smarter.

Growing smarter means putting down roots in advanced technologies, like an intelligent automation (IA) platform backed by intelligent capture and robotic process automation (RPA). These technologies allow you to cultivate more meaningful relationships with your employees and customers.

That’s why the future of digital transformation (DX) is rooted in intelligent automation.

“Intelligent automation is critical to work transformation; work transformation is critical to DX and therefore integral to customer experience and operational excellence,” said IDC.

Ready to get growing?

Using intelligent automation to replace manual tasks sounds great … but where should you start? The answer is easier than it seems. Start automating at the point when information enters your business with intelligent capture .

Intelligent capture: The key to true intelligent automation and smart business growth

Automatically capturing, understanding and classifying information as it enters your organisation is critical to every business process and interaction that follows.

When combined with other digital transformation efforts, data capture kicks off automation that not only speeds process completion but cuts costs and reduces the risk of human error.

“Intelligent” capture then takes these improvements to another level, leveraging the power of AI and robotic process automation (RPA) to create a partnership that delivers even greater benefits. Intelligent capture is the key to automating downstream business processes, all the way to the end of the information lifecycle.

Without intelligent capture, even the most digital businesses probably aren't as paperless as they like to believe.

There are always forms to fill out, contracts to sign, handwritten notes scrawled during a meeting, and other documents entering your organisation as hard copies.

The true test of a digital business is its ability to capture this analog information quickly and route it where it needs to be … without the touch of a human hand.

Information fuels your business, and access to that information is key.

When your information is scattered across the enterprise – on paper, in disconnected digital silos, in the hands of remote employees – it will hinder your organisation’s growth.

Without knowing where you fall on the information capture spectrum, it’s impossible to know how to address the chaos this type of disparate information brings. Evaluate your organisation’s current state (and prepare to address the chaos):

If so, your organisation has an opportunity to grow smarter.

The experts at AIIM gathered four strategies to conquer information chaos after surveying leaders at businesses of all sizes and in all industries, finding that for many, the “volume, velocity, and variety of information [they] need to manage, store, and protect now exceeds their ability to even marginally keep pace.” Here’s what to do if you are facing the same challenge:

Discover four strategies to conquer information chaos with intelligent capture

As intelligent capture advances across departments and industries, it’s catching the attention of process managers and upending assumptions about traditional business routines, interactions between groups in the organisation and even the permanence of what were once considered fixed process costs.

At Hyland, we know how absolutely crucial intelligent capture is to your organisation’s content services strategy and quest for digital transformation. That’s why we offer Brainware, the ultimate intelligent capture platform. Brainware captures information from a variety of sources with exceptional levels of automation and human-like intelligence.

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