What's new in Hyland content services?

Discover the latest platform-wide enhancements

Hyland Healthcare

  • NilRead V5.1
    • Platform change for Patient Directory and Settings pages to ASP.NET Core
    • Accession number squishing
    • Nuance PowerScribe One FHIRcast integration
    • Added UI for Epic AES-256 encryption (EPIC.256)
    • Support for video editing to Acuo XDS servers
  • Acuo Admin Portal 2.0
    • Updated and modernized UI
    • Adoption of microservices
    • Updated libraries and platform including .NET 5, CHARTJS and Bootstrap 4
    • Addition of support for multiple deployment methodologies

Current customers can visit the Hyland Community to learn more about Hyland Healthcare solutions.

Hyland Content Portal

    • An integrated portal solution for enhancing digital services for AP departments, governmental agencies and higher education institutions
    • Connects to Hyland’s content service platform with a modern external-facing portal experience that provides online forms, document upload & tracking, payment processing, workflow and reports

Current customers can visit the Hyland Community to learn more about the Hyland Content Portal.


  • Alfresco Content Services 7.1
    • Secure new SDK Events gateway simplifies custom event management
    • Continued support for Alfresco Search Enterprise 2.0 (Solr), while adding support for Alfresco Search Enterprise 3.0, featuring Elasticsearch
    • Support for direct access URLs to content managed within Alfresco
  • Alfresco Mobile Workspace 2.4
    • Simplifies the capturing and uploading of images by integrating the familiar, native camera directly within the Mobile Workspace app
    • Streamlined tools simplify reviewing and bulk uploading of images
  • Alfresco Search Enterprise 3.0
    • With enterprises increasingly standardizing on Elasticsearch, Alfresco enables true enterprise-wide search
    • Improved scalability and simplified index management with Elasticsearch
  • Alfresco Collaboration Connector for Teams 1.0
    • Brings content services, including access controls, versioning and retention services, to content shared within Microsoft Teams
    • Improves user productivity by integrating search and sharing of Alfresco content and search without leaving Teams
  • Alfresco Content Connector for SAP Cloud 1.2
    • Delivers support for on-premises SAP and SAP Cloud
    • Drives increased user satisfaction and productivity by simplifying content-centric processes
    • Extends enterprise access to information previously only available within SAP applications
  • Alfresco Process Automation M15
    • Replaces manual processes with intelligent automation, email notifications, and content-centric workflows
    • Leverages a variety of tools, including Microsoft SQL lookups and artificial intelligence, to identify new insights and automate content-centric processes
    • Simplifies maintenance by automatically cleaning up completed or cancelled processes

Current customers can access release notes and further details at the Alfresco Community page. Learn more about Alfresco at Alfresco.com.


  • Nuxeo Insight 1.4
    • Improvement of security with user accounts, librarians and managers
    • Increased access to metrics that show the impact Nuexo Insight brings to your repository
  • New and enhanced integrations
    • Nuxeo Outlook Connector
    • Nuxeo Adobe Connector for Creative Cloud
    • Nuxeo Aspera Connector 3.0.5
    • Nuxeo Frame.io Connector
    • Nuxeo Salesforce Connector
  • Nuxeo Drive 5.2.7
    • Enables better handle of failed migrations, a first iteration Document Type selection feature, and the ability to bulk add documents to direct transfer from your file explorer.
  • Nuxeo Retention
    • This add-on provides all the necessary aspects of retention management to fulfill legal requirements
  • Nuxeo Studio 4.9
    • Includes multilayer functionality which allows users to build structures of dependent projects to create consistency across client projects

Learn more about the latest releases on the Nuxeo documentation site. Learn more about the Nuxeo Platform at Nuxeo.com.


  • Saperion Enhancement Pack (EP) 6
    • Security improvements to protect against the latest threats
    • New web client viewer to optimize performance and admin experience
    • Integration with OneDrive to improve productivity and internal and external collaboration

Current customers can access release notes and further details on the Hyland Community.