Eliminate slow, paper-based processes across the enterprise

Make better-informed business decisions

When executives at Headington Oil found themselves relying on paper-based filing systems to make critical decisions from around the world, it became clear that a better solution was needed.

With problems locating documents and difficulty remotely accessing critical information, the Texas-based oil company went in search of an enterprise content management (ECM) system that would replicate its existing filing system while providing employees with access to the information they need, whether in the office or field.

That’s when the oil company found Hyland and selected OnBase.

“Once our staff started using OnBase, they were pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and how fast it is to retrieve documents,” says Earl Browning, a consultant for Headington Oil.

Access information anytime, anywhere

With OnBase, companies:

  • Scale their solution across corporate and store locations while managing information in a central repository
  • Promote faster inter-departmental processing, allowing staff to make better, more informed decisions
  • Provide users with mobile access to information on their phones and tablets, allowing them to work on projects no matter the time or their location

OnBase enables companies to meet the needs of each department – including Accounting and Finance, Human Resources and Legal – with one easily supported application, letting them start with a single department or solution and expand as time, goals and budget permit.