Registrar Forms Processing

Enhance student service with registrar forms processing automation

As savvy and impatient consumers, students increasingly expect fast response to campus requests, whether it’s to drop or add a class, change majors, update information or petition for academic reinstatement or to graduate. Today’s students are easily frustrated by delays and indecision. Registrar’s offices that continue to rely on paper-based processes risk losing their ability to provide excellent service to students. 

Superior service requires speed and convenience. Hyland solutions for registrar forms processing provides just that.  

With these solutions, the waiting game for students is over, as is the burden on Registrar processing staff. Forms submitted online remain in their electronic format throughout what is a now an automated and expedited routing and approval process. Tracking tools, including timers and notifications, keep forms moving through the process so that students get the answers they need when they need them. 

Hyland alleviates the burden on IT to support forms creation, too. With the intuitive forms design tools, Registrar office staff easily create forms using any standard HTML editor, or with the solution's native forms creation and editing capabilities.