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Hyland Healthcare Content Services Fact Sheet

Up to 75% of unstructured content is stored and managed outside the EMR: insurance IDs, paper charts, faxed orders, registration forms, medical images — you name it. What if you could access that content right from within your EMR? It’s possible with modern, integrated healthcare software.

A connected healthcare solution can help you manage all of your unstructured clinical and business content on one comprehensive platform, enabling you to make more informed decisions. Some of the capabilities include:

  • Creating a more complete patient record for superior patient care and experience
  • Eliminating paper-based processes, which can provide case management for better patient care
  • Integrating with your accounting solutions to improve information access and automate payment processes

Read the fact sheet for a quick overview on how investing in the right platform can help you efficiently manage and quickly access critical patient data for improved patient care.