Esri Integrations

GIS solutions have revolutionised the way agencies review and analyse data, using the power of maps to bring together information describing everything from infrastructure like water and sewers to roads, bridges and fixtures, even public health and safety incidents. Despite the efficiencies GIS solutions create, related processes depending on paper are slow and consume staff time that could be used for more important initiatives.

Integrate Esri with content services for faster processes and improved service delivery

Integrating a Hyland content services platform with Esri puts your documents on the map. Instead of searching multiple locations to find needed information, GIS users access supporting documents right from the maps they use, allowing them to efficiently work in the interface they are most comfortable with. A Hyland platform eliminates paper processing, automating processes while providing simultaneous access to documents that require reviews by multiple staff members.

The platform even lets users keep pace with current product improvements supporting the latest Esri GIS efforts. It connects with other GIS solutions like Cityworks, allowing users to take advantage of programme improvements so they can easily retrieve documents from the new Cityworks Server Silverlight map, which presents data and maps in a single screen for easy use.

Using our content services platform enabled with Esri integration, you automate processes and provide self-service and online access, allowing constituents to serve themselves so your staff can focus on work and stop answering the phone. With the platform, you capture and secure documents, connect your GIS solutions, speed up processes, become mobile and provide better service to your constituents.