Jail Information Management System

Drive efficiency with jail information management software

Like most public sector agencies, corrections departments face budget cuts as well as staff reductions and restricted overtime. Despite these cuts, staff need fast access to documents and information for better inmate control, safer responses and efficient inmate management. However, when this information is processed manually, it’s easy for paper to get lost and absorb staff time that could be better spent creating and supporting a safe facility environment.

To modernise and manage growing prison populations, many jails turn to a jail information management system. Hyland helps correction departments reduce storage needs and operating costs while providing a more efficient process for securely storing critical documents and files that are easily accessible from existing jail management solutions.

With the flexibility to store photos, video and audio files, Hyland solutions help agencies create a cost-effective, secure and even encrypted single repository for the documents and files that need maintained and records management tools that meet retention requirements. They can even span across correction departments to other outside agencies such as law enforcement, prosecution and courts, allowing each to share the common core of documents as cases move through each agency, saving even more time and money.