Contract Management

Eliminate risk and remain compliant with Hyland government contract software

Your agency manages, tracks, review and approves volumes of contracts every fiscal year. Contract reviews, retrievals and timely renewals are critical to managing projects, grant and purchases. Hyland government contract management solutions transform your contract management efforts by capturing, storing, routing and notifying staff of necessary tasks they must do to complete contract reviews and renewals on time.

Using our solution, government agencies can:

  • Schedule alerts for contract review, renewal and deletion
  • Shorten lengthy audits by automatically tracking all contract modifications
  • Centralise storage with permission-based access and edit rights

The value of Hyland government contract software solutions

Since our solution stores documents digitally, your agency can further transparency efforts by publishing contracts to your website, helping you meet new legal responsibilities for providing access to contracts. With central, secured storage, you can also create self-service access for staff and constituents, allowing staff to handle more work without interruption. With Hyland Contract Management, your agency easily retrieves contracts, provides self-service access and automates and enforces review processes, ensuring you never miss a renewal that can help your organisation continue favourable pricing terms.