Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Deliver convenient, transparent public records request fulfillment

Responding to constituent and media FOIA requests in an efficient and timely way is a constant challenge for government agencies, including public universities and hospitals. Manually processing paper requests and creating response correspondence is time consuming and can cause frustration when responses are delayed or incomplete.

Simplify the management of FOIA requests

Process and content management solutions from Hyland simplify the collection of FOIA requests by streamlining the management of response documents and communications. With Hyland FOIA software solutions, constituent intakes, acknowledgement letters, invoices, executive reviews and responses are available the moment they are needed, from any location. Government agencies of all sizes will benefit from the FOIA software solution’s seamless integration, which allows users to realise powerful document management functionality from within familiar host environments.

With FOIA software, your agency can:

  • Streamline the collection of FOIA requests regardless of how they are received (phone call, fax, letter, email or e-form)
  • Route FOIA request to the dedicated FOIA worker or processor, with notifications to Executive Officers as needed
  • Quickly create automated, cost-effective customised correspondence using document composition technology
  • Put critical information to work inside structured and unstructured processes with powerful enterprise search technology
  • Ensure integrity of confidential information to comply with industry-standard security mandates