Wealth management software solutions

Capture documents, information electronically and break free from a paper-based world

Break free from paper processes with our wealth management solutions

Our wealth management software solution allows users to capture and store documents and information electronically. Once stored in OnBase, employees gain instant access to the information they need, when they need it. Employees are empowered to provide customers with faster, more accurate service.

Secure, paperless, automatic routing speeds processes like account opening and management, increasing your organisation’s efficiency and profitability.

The OnBase wealth management software solution:

  • Speeds account opening
  • Provides a 360 view of each client
  • Optimises operations processes

Integrate wealth management software systems and share real-time information

Easily integrating with your portfolio management software solution, OnBase allows users to quickly access documents and data without leaving their core application’s familiar interface. OnBase also ensures content security while helping you proactively manage regulation compliance.

With native business process tools like workflow and eForms, OnBase also provides increased process visibility. Workflow automatically routes tasks — like the need to fix incomplete documentation — and alerts staff when it needs to take action, ensuring processes are completed quickly and accurately. Items that do not require staff interaction route straight through for processing.

Meanwhile, dashboards offer insight to monitor performance as well as pipelines. And a fully auditable trail of interactions helps institutions maintain regulatory compliance while making audits more efficient and timely.

Mobile ready wealth management

OnBase’s integration with any mobile platform makes all the same information available from any tablet or mobile device. You can extend content outward, making it accessible to clients. This allows wealth managers to connect in real time with their clients, make decisions in a collaborative format — ultimately growing and securing the client relationship for the long-term.

You can even take your solution to the Hyland Cloud. Rapid deployment, reduced up-front capital expenditure and enhanced security and disaster recovery are just a few reasons. If your IT department is overburdened, now is the time to investigate letting OnBase Cloud professionals deploy, manage, maintain, monitor and upgrade your solution — so you don’t have to.

Set yourself — and your clients — up for success with instant access to real-time information.