Fraud investigation process solutions for banks

Allow investigators to easily log, access and interact with critical data

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Protecting your customers' personal information is crucial to maintaining trust and strengthening the customer relationship. Your customers expect you to act quickly and efficiently in potential fraudulent situations. 

Relying on inefficient spreadsheets for bank risk management leads to time-consuming and disorganised bank fraud investigations that are frustrating for customers. Investigators need a better alternative. They need a simple way to organise, access and connect each piece of critical information, including information across business applications. 

That’s where case management comes into play.

How Hyland streamlines bank fraud investigations, fraud management and risk management

Case management solutions allow investigators to easily log, access and interact with the critical data involved in a fraud investigation. Leveraging a content services case management solution for bank fraud investigations gives employees a 360-degree view of all case-related information — including data records, documents, forms and history. 


The right case management solution accelerates the bank fraud investigation process by:

  • Simplifying the entry, organisation and reporting of information surrounding a fraudulent case file 
  • Providing instant and simultaneous access to case files for multiple users 
  • Streamlining investigations with easy access to information from disparate systems with advanced search capabilities

With Hyland's case management fraud investigation process software solutions, you provide your customers with peace of mind — and a quick resolution should theft occur.