A Platform for Change: Duck Creek + OnBase ECM

In a world increasingly open and connected, where first-mover advantage can be fleeting, success depends on quick, creative and flexible application of digital technology.

But too many P&C companies are operating with legacy systems that can’t exploit emerging opportunities.

To clear a path to the future, insurers need to replace legacy core systems with a platform architected for connectivity across ecosystems of partners, developers, data and processes. It should be open to integration with technologies that deliver a complete view of information to whoever needs it, wherever they are.

And because their business is insurance, not systems, carriers should weigh the benefits of eliminating the responsibilities and limitations of on-premises deployments with the freedom and flexibility of cloud-based software delivered as a service.

Integration of the Duck Creek Suite of core insurance applications with OnBase gives P&C insurers the platform they need to succeed. With codeless configuration and cloud-based delivery, the OnBase-Duck Creek integration speeds development of new products, applications and processes, while freeing insurers from the costs and complexities of IT operation and maintenance.

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