How Blumark accessed new customer segments through Hyland partnership

Mark Grimes, managing director of Blumark, a leading case management and process improvement specialist based in Brisbane, Australia, discusses why Hyland has been a stand-out partner since 2013.

Full transcript:

“Blumark has been a Hyland partner for over six years. We were working with other vendors and discovered that Hyland had an offering which outstripped what the other vendors were providing at the time. And our business, as we grew and decided what to do, we found that Hyland were a perfect fit for the solutions that we provide for our customers. I’ve not found any other vendor that has that same level of passion and care for customers and partners.

Partnering with Hyland is a very good experience for me and for our business. We have had a very strong relationship at all levels within Hyland. And we seem to be able to get things to change where other vendors, typically, you get stuck in a vacuum and they don't have a willingness to change and adapt to your needs. But Hyland have been very good at doing so.

This partnership with Hyland has provided us access to different customer segments that we previously weren’t part of. The solutions that Hyland provide are accessible at many different sizes of organization. Our company works with small businesses, but we also work with large banks and corporates, and it gives us the ability to have technology that is very accessible to many segments of our customers.

We integrate Hyland software with our solutions through several packages that we've created around workflow and case management and we deploy those on top of the Hyland platform. We also have integrations with third party applications, not just with App Enabler, but also developed custom code that we integrate directly with OnBase as well.”