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The passion, dedication and diversity of our employees make Hyland successful

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Each week, Hylanders are recognised by peers - and rewarded by our CEO at our company-wide Monday Morning Meeting.

Employee Resource Groups

Hyland WIN

There are four active Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at Hyland. These employee-led groups encourage a diverse and inclusive work environment, foster connection and communication, and help employees connect.

Our ERGs support a sense of community at work and offer resources and events to inspire, empower and engage.

Hyland Pride Alliance

Hyland Pride Alliance aims to strengthen our inclusive culture and promote an environment that attracts LGBT+ individuals to work at Hyland. By supporting Hylanders, their families and allies, the group advances LGBT+ awareness, and is a safe and welcoming forum for discussing issues.

HylandWIN – Women in Networking

Women – and their supporters – have a community where they encourage one another to reach their full potential. The group provides resources to build one another up and be: Courageous, Charismatic and Knowledgeable.

MERG – Multicultural ERG

MERG celebrates the tapestry of cultures at Hyland through education opportunities, providing support to members, hosting events and initiating conversations that inspire diverse points of view.

VERG – Veteran ERG

VERG is a community for all veteran and military employees at Hyland. From recruiting and interviewing new candidates to providing Dedicated Veteran Mentors and coordinating informational meetings, VERG helps ensure active military and vets have the resources they need to bring their unique talents to the Hyland workplace.

A great company to work for and a great company to work with

Since 2014, Hyland has been honored to be on the list of the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For. We believe that when you take care of employees, welcome different viewpoints and recruit the brightest people, you can’t help but create something amazing. Happy employees make happy customers, so actively listening to what makes our employees happy is just part of how we do business.

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