Employee Resource Groups

  • Hyland Pride Alliance

  • HylandWIN Women in Networking

  • VERG Veteran ERG

  • MERG Multicultural ERG

  • accessABILITY Accessibility ERG

Hyland Pride Alliance

The Hyland Pride Alliance (HPA) advances LGBTQ+ awareness and is a safe and welcoming forum for discussing LBGTQ+ issues. HPA strengthens our inclusive culture to attract LGBTQ+ talent to Hyland and to provide a network of support to Hylanders, their families and allies.

  • Hyland is a proud member of affiliate chambers of the National LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce in many of our communities.
  • Benefits in the U.S. are inclusive of same sex couples and domestic partners, as well as employees pursuing gender transition.
  • Employees are free to use the bathroom with which they identify, including non-gender specific facilities.

HylandWIN – Women in Networking

Women – and their supporters – have a community where they encourage one another to reach their full potential. The group provides resources to build one another up and be “Courageous, Charismatic and Knowledgeable.” Learn more about Hyland’s work with women in the technology field

VERG – Veteran ERG

VERG is a community for veteran and military employees that helps ensure active military and vets have the resources they need to bring their unique talents to the Hyland workplace. From recruiting and interviewing new candidates to providing Dedicated Veteran Mentors and coordinating informational meetings, VERG supports the camaraderie shared by many vets. Learn more about how Hyland helps veterans bridge the gap.

MERG – Multicultural ERG

MERG welcomes, celebrates and supports all races and ethnicities. Through educational opportunities, member support and hosted events, MERG members are encouraged to showcase their diverse identities, learn from fellow employees about unfamiliar cultures, and introduce solutions to obstacles that people of color and underrepresented cultures experience.

MERG celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

accessABILITY – Accessibility ERG

The accessABILITY ERG aims to create and nurture a culture of change for accessibility.

Hyland has a responsibility to provide accessible spaces, technology and services to our growing community of employees, partners and customers, and the people they serve.

We work to raise awareness and make essential changes to the way we develop products, communicate and address workplace challenges.