Acquired Customer FAQs

We welcome our new colleagues and customers

What is Hyland announcing?
The completion of our acquisition of the Perceptive business unit of Lexmark International, Inc.

Why is Hyland acquiring the Perceptive business unit?
This acquisition enables Hyland to provide our customers with an even more capable and comprehensive suite of information management solutions. Drawing from the best of our combined technologies, we’ll accelerate the advancement of what is already the leading software portfolio in our industry. We’ll strengthen current solutions and develop innovative new solutions and content services.

What are the value and benefits of this acquisition to former Perceptive business unit customers?
Customers of the former Perceptive business unit will benefit from Hyland’s culture of support, partnership and accountability. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of the full capabilities of Hyland’s enterprise information platform, choosing the solutions and content services that best meet the demands of their roadmap.  

Where does this leave Kofax? Are they now a competitor to Hyland?
Hyland and Kofax are now both operating independent organisations operating under Thoma Bravo’s ownership. For Kofax, this means returning to an independent company in this space. We will have areas of the market where we will end up competing with Kofax. Advanced capture and case management are technologies where there is overlap and for those deals where we are both present, we will likely be competing. However, as sister companies, we will also have opportunities to partner or cooperate, always with the customer’s best interest in mind.

How does today’s acquisition fit into Hyland’s broader software and enterprise software strategies?
This acquisition aligns perfectly with Hyland’s corporate goals and key strategies by extending our suite of solutions and capabilities, enhancing our vertical expertise and growing our international presence. Drawing from the best of our technologies, we see several opportunities to provide new content services to augment Hyland’s industry-leading information management platform. We’re particularly excited about the additional search and document filter capabilities of ISYS and the rich media enhancements of Twistage. In the healthcare space, we’ll extend the capabilities of OnBase by Hyland with the power of Acuo VNA, and our capture customers will benefit from Brainware’s powerful recognition engines.

Will my solutions continue to be supported?
Yes. It is Hyland’s commitment to support all of our customers. Over the past decade, Hyland has acquired several software products and customer bases. We continue to serve those customers today, just as we’ll continue to support the Perceptive portfolio of products going forward.

Additional information on specific product inquires can be found here:

- Letter to Hyland Healthcare Community 
- Letter to Perceptive Content customers 
- Letter to Perceptive Intelligent Capture customers 
- Letter to Nolij customers 

I am in the middle of an implementation. How does this acquisition affect my organisation?
Please continue to move forward with your implementation, and we will be here to support you through the process.  

I just renewed my maintenance with Lexmark Enterprise Software. Will I have any issues with how my solution is supported?
Hyland is committed to supporting all of our customers, and we encourage you to maintain and expand your current solution. 

Has my account manager changed?
For most customers, your account manager will not change. In instances where there will be a transition in account management, Hyland will communicate those changes directly to affected customers in the near term.

I’m interested in learning more about Hyland’s enterprise information platform. Whom should I contact?
Please contact your account manager or [email protected] to learn about the full scope of Hyland’s enterprise information platform. We’ll work with you to understand your business needs. Ultimately, we believe there’s no content, process, or case management challenge we can’t solve together. 

Should I continue to invest in my current Perceptive Content solution?
We encourage you to continue to expand your current solution. In instances where your roadmap includes adding functionality that already exists within a different Hyland product, such as OnBase, you may find a migration path is your best option.

If I am a Perceptive Content customer, do I need to convert to OnBase?
No. Hyland will support your Perceptive Content solution for as far into the future as we can see. We plan to continue to provide new product releases focusing on product fixes and compatibility upgrades, and we will continue to enhance the product where it makes sense to do so. If your Perceptive Content roadmap includes adding functionality that exists today in OnBase, you may find a migration path is your best option.

I am a user of both Kofax and Perceptive. Who do I call for support going forward?
During the acquisition transition period, we ask that you please continue to use the Kofax support portal for submitting all requests. As the transition plan is executed, we will communicate with you directly on any change in process. 

I am working with a Perceptive partner, will those partnerships continue?
We are in the process of evaluating all acquired Perceptive portfolio partnerships on a case-by-case basis. As the transition plan is executed, we will communicate with you directly on any changes.

Does Hyland have a user conference?
Yes. We hope you will be able to join us! Please visit for more information.

Will there still be an Inspire 2018?
We are currently evaluating our go forward plan for the 2018 Inspire user conference. We will share additional information as it is made available.

Should I remit invoice payments to Hyland moving forward?
During the transition period, it is likely and appropriate that you will continue to see invoices come from Kofax. As the transition plan is executed, we will communicate any changes that may be needed.

What happens next?
In the near term, the change will be minimal. For the most part, you’ll interact with the same account managers and support representatives. In instances where we will be transitioning account managers or support, we’ll communicate those changes in short order.

Over the long term, you’ll have the opportunity to take advantage of some powerful innovations. Drawing from the best of our technologies, we’ll accelerate the advancement of our enterprise information platform and continue to lead the industry-wide evolution from managing content to managing information. 


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