To our customers and partners:

As you work to support your customer community through the challenges presented by COVID-19, Hyland is here to support you.

We will continue to work closely with you to manage stressors specific to your organization and industry outlook, identify your concerns and priorities, and determine how we can be of the most help. Please reach out to your account manager for a conversation about how to ensure the wellbeing of your employees and operations. 

We’ve taken the past few weeks to triple-check our ability to provide the support you may critically need during the next several months. Our support and technical teams are ready. We’re here for you.

Then we realized we can – and must – do more.

Hyland has identified a number of ways we can help today, all with an eye toward fast deployment, low or zero cost, and meeting the challenges of tomorrow. These offerings include:

  • Free limited-time product subscription and expansion
  • Additional security and contingency planning
  • Temporary coverage for admin and developer roles
  • Prorated rental licensing

Browse the sections below for more information on our immediate assistance efforts, and stay tuned for further announcements. 

For additional support, The Hyland Community gives you access to free resources and lets you connect with other members of the Hyland family.

Thank you for your trust in us. We’re all in this together.

Immediate assistance with critical business challenges

We also invite you to take advantage of new and enhanced virtual education and training opportunities, including: 

  • A new online TechQuest May 4-8, empowering you to maintain certifications and grow your expertise. Registration coming soon. 
  • An expanded free training course library with some of our most popular and impactful courses from Premium Subscription
  • Brand-new webinar series and virtual courses on working effectively remotely