Remote Control Technologies (RCT) Solution

Like many others, the AP department at Remote Control Technologies (RCT) was processing paper invoices, making it difficult and time-consuming to handle exceptions. With OnBase, the company based near Perth and specialising in the manufacture and installation of safety and productivity products for the mining industry completely revamped how it processes supplier invoices with its OnBase solution.

OnBase captures invoices and automatically checks them for problems or discrepancies based on the amount of goods received, GST code, GST amount and whether the purchase order has been received. If it finds problems or discrepancies, the invoice is electronically routed to the appropriate purchasing departments for investigation.

“It all happens automatically behind the scenes,” says Marcus Bundesen, Financial Controller. “The accounts payable officer can see all the problem invoices, who’s holding them up and where they are. It stops the problems of emailing or sending invoices around the organisation. All the information is in the system.”

RCT also streamlined customer service job requests and it’s sales quoting process – all with limited IT involvement.

“I’m an accountant and I have no IT background,” says Bundesen. “But having completed the one week OnBase workflow course, I’ve found that I can do a lot of workflows.”

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