Invoice Processing Automation Software

Accelerate cycle times and lower costs with an invoice processing platform

Manual and paper-based invoice processing is time-consuming and expensive. As business pressures mount and invoice volumes continue to grow, AP departments are turning to invoice capture and invoice workflow software to keep up — and keep cost per invoice down.

Hyland invoice processing software solution combines intelligent capture, workflow automation and seamless integration with financial systems to automate invoice processing, speed cycle times and lower costs. Regardless of format, Hyland's OnBase platform captures invoices electronically and delivers them to the appropriate people and systems for review, approval and coding. The paperless process of an invoice processing system minimises the number of touches per transaction, eliminates the need to re-key information and automatically routes paperwork between departments.

Reduce manual touch points and processing delays with an invoice processing platform

With a rich set of configurable business rules and actions, OnBase workflow can adapt to any business structure or process without the need for custom programming. OnBase workflow for invoice processing automates key AP processes including two- and three-way data matching, approval and exception routing, and posting data to accounting applications and ERP systems.

Data errors and exceptions such as missing information and PO mismatches are immediately identified and routed to reviewers for quick resolution, and managers can view real-time reporting dashboards that increase visibility into invoice volumes, status and process bottlenecks.

OnBase workflow for invoice processing helps organisations:

  • Adopt paperless AP processes
  • Reduce delays and eliminate process bottlenecks
  • Streamline exception processing
  • Ensure consistent, controlled AP processes
  • Improve collaboration and communication between departments
  • Reduce late payment penalties

Access invoices from anywhere to accelerate approvals

More than 25 per cent of AP organisations use inefficient tools like inter-office mail and shared drives to communicate with non-AP staff and process approvals, according to a recent survey. The remainder rely on time-consuming emails and direct phone calls. An invoice processing system by Hyland accelerates approvals by centralising all invoice activity with one, controlled tool to notify approvers and electronically route information where and when it’s needed.

Configurable email auto-notifications and reminders let approvers know when they need to take action on an invoice. Staff can conveniently access and approve invoices from their mobile devices, email applications or directly from the enterprise ERP, speeding up approval times and limiting training needs. When approvers take leave, AP managers can modify workflow rules and delegate new approvers on their own, without IT support or coding. And, with a complete document history stored in the system, Hyland solutions provide a complete audit trail for every touch of an invoice and makes it easier to track the status of invoices approvals.

Improve the accuracy of information sent to your ERP

Invoice workflow and invoice approval from Hyland seamlessly integrates with ERPs to submit approved invoice and payment data directly to your financial system. Our OnBase integrations for SAP, Infor Lawson, JD Edwards, Deltek, Workday and E-Business Suite automatically update ERP transactions with invoice status information and payment details, saving time and eliminating the need to rekey information.