Accounts Payable Process

Streamline the end to end accounts payable process

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Kicking off digital transformation in accounts payable can be challenging. For many AP departments, invoice and payment processing remain manual and paper-intensive. But, end-to-end process automation across the accounts payable cycle can transform AP departments from cost centres into profit centres. Automating everything from the capture of invoice data at the beginning of the AP cycle all the way through to payment, frees AP from paperwork and manual processes to support your organisation’s strategic goals.

The Hyland accounts payable solution leverages the OnBase enterprise information platform to centralise all critical AP documents and automate  processes on a single platform. It makes end-to-end AP automation possible with the ability to capture, integrate, measure, process, store and access critical AP information.

End-to-end accounts payable automation benefits

Replacing paper-based processes and old technology with Hyland solutions delivers significant accounts payable process improvements. From increased efficiency, to greater visibility, information access and control over AP processes, Hyland helps organisations: 

  • Optimise invoice cycle time and cost
  • Prevent late-payment penalties and capture early payment discounts
  • Eliminate lost or misplaced invoices
  • Improve forecasting and cash management
  • Improve vendor relationships

How does Hyland accounts payable process automation work? 

Hyland solutions for accounts payable processes provide:  

  • Electronic capture of invoices and supporting documents - No matter how invoices arrive — by fax, mail, email, EDI, etc. — OCR and intelligent capture capabilities extract information from invoices and supporting documents, eliminating manual data entry. 
  • Accounts payable workflow - Automated workflow and notifications ensure exceptions are handled quickly and streamline approvals to speed invoice processing and shorten cycle times. 
  • Integration and mobile access - Effortless integration with accounting systems, ERPs and email gives AP fast access to review and approve invoices or input additional data without switching applications, and offers the ability to work from the convenience of a mobile device. 
  • Real-time data and analytics - A comprehensive view of the invoice processing lifecycle and insight into AP’s performance improves cash management and enables more informed decisions about workload distribution.

Contact us to find out more about the operational and strategic benefits of end-to-end accounts payable process automation with Hyland.