Enterprise cloud-based sharing key features

ShareBase by Hyland gives you the functionality you need, while ensuring your organisation retains control of the shared information. Learn more about the key features ShareBase offers:

Ability to control

  • Admins create accounts with corporate email addresses only
  • Revokes access rights when user leaves the organisation
  • Shared links can be password protected
  • Shared links can be set to expire
  • Permissions to shared folders easily transitioned when roles change
  • Document audit trail provides insight into who is sharing what

Interaction with OnBase

  • Interacts with OnBase without API programming
  • Uses OnBase Workflow to automate sharing and collection of documents
  • Automatically captures new ShareBase documents into OnBase

Vendor confidence

  • Data hosted in a cloud dedicated to content management*
  • Ensures your data is stored separately from other organisations
  • Ability to choose the region your data is hosted
  • Unique encryption keys provided for each organisation
  • Single pricing model for all users at all volumes

*ShareBase is hosted in The OnBase Cloud.

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