Law firm distributes documents worldwide with ShareBase

The Challenge

A midsize law firm headquartered in Mexico provides corporate legal services to more than 150 organisations worldwide. This law firm requires regular, stable collaboration and communication methods to facilitate the legal needs of its clients, including notices of upcoming legal actions, document verification, and the negotiation and execution of contracts.

“Our firm receives legal notices for our clients on a daily basis. Previously we had to copy these and deliver them to the client by courier, which is both costly and time-consuming. Now we provide these notices in ShareBase, making them available to our clients instantly.”

- System Administrator

This firm now uses ShareBase for all collaboration with its clients.

The Solution

ShareBase was chosen by this law firm for the confidential collaboration it provides. Legal notices oftentimes require confidentiality between the various parties while also requiring a timely (and equally confidential) response. With ShareBase, everything from the notice to any/all documentation provided with the notice, along with documents provided by the client in response to the notice, can be stored in a singular, secure location in the Hyland Cloud.*

*Hyland is the developer of OnBase and ShareBase.

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