Enterprise cloud-based sharing for your Community Care institution

On one side of the coin, properly managing customer and company information to expedite new business and claims processes is paramount for community care organisations. On the other hand, the ability to securely transfer community care data and protected health information (PHI) to patients, providers, payers and other compliance entities is critical to expedite business processes and patient care. This requires a method faster and safer than email, a portal or overnight delivery.

Today a number of community care organisations use ShareBase to control how they securely share sensitive information. For many of these organisations, email, fax, mail and unsecure file sharing tools used prior to ShareBase created gaps in visibility, security, compliance, and control. ShareBase provides control over information sharing for the community care organisation while empowering employees and patients with a simple to use document sharing and collaboration tool.

Discover how ShareBase can add value across your organisation and beyond by equipping your employees and patients with secure sharing capabilities.

Standalone system: Store patient record-related documents that reside outside of the EMR and allow authorised staff to securely access and share protected patient information while offsite. This can be especially useful for home health, hospice and other post-acute care organisations.

Secure one-way external communication: Use ShareBase to share confidential documentation with financial institutions, insurance companies and attorneys. Whether sending financial documents or protected health information, ShareBase easily replaces a SFTP portal for these one-way large shares.

Medical claims review: Regain efficiencies lost to third-party claims systems by using ShareBase and OnBase in conjunction. OnBase workflow notifies physician claims board members that they have claims files available for review via an email that includes a secure link to a ShareBase folder. Board members access the secure folder and review documents without the need to download or print files. They can also upload findings and notes to ShareBase. OnBase automatically monitors ShareBase for new content and notifies the claims adjuster when new content is available. Everyone involved in the process remains in one secure, complaint system.

Managing contract revisions: Leverage ShareBase to complement contract management tasks – like securing external redlines. This enhancement to an OnBase contract management solution not only adds a level of security, but also significantly speeds up contract proceedings compared to exchanging emails for redlines.

HR onboarding:The process of hiring and onboarding employees is frequently a paper-heavy process. Improving that process can help save both time and money. ShareBase is a secure way to allow any organisation to more efficiently and effectively onboard and offboard without granting access to those external recipients.