Conversion Service Options

Reduce conversion time-frames, and remove the burden of risk for your team

Our experienced team of enterprise content management (ECM) conversion experts has converted over 12.5 billion documents from more than 125 legacy systems. This experience, coupled with a deep understanding of how documents and systems continue to evolve, will ensure your conversion is the perfect opportunity to improve operations, increase employee and end-user satisfaction and future-proof your technology strategy.

We deliver on-time, predictable projects through four basic service levels designed to meet scope, timeline and budgetary needs. Find the right conversion service level for your organisation's specific needs. 

Hyland’s three conversion service options: 

  1. Comprehensive 
    Our comprehensive offering is a turnkey service. Our experienced conversion experts take complete ownership of the project, including all project risks tasks. This minimises the need for your organisation to provide additional conversion support resources.
  2. Export 
    Our export offering is ideal for organisations that wish to own the importing of select legacy content at their own pace. With this service, our experienced conversion professionals conduct remote discovery discussions, then extract all legacy system files and metadata to an agreed upon staging location. We let you take it from there (although we’re always around for support when you need us).
  3. Transform and Load 
    Our Transform and Load offering is turnkey service that involves our team taking ownership of every aspect of the project except the extraction of legacy content. Our experienced conversion experts still take ownership of all other project risks and tasks, while you keep peace of mind by ensuring your metadata and files are properly extracted.

Contact us to discuss which option is right for your organisation.