Infrastructure Planning

Ensure continuing, high-performing solutions that provide the best customer experience

No matter where you are in your journey, we’ll ensure your diverse technology platform is well-positioned for secure, ongoing, optimal performance of your evolving Hyland content management solutions.

Customers often engage our infrastructure consultants before implementation, following go-live, and as they expand the footprint of data management capabilities and delivery of content services.

This service allows organisations to address bottlenecks and gaps in the network, architecture and related technologies that can affect performance and the user experience with your Hyland solutions.

It also provides you with data-driven recommendations—specific to your environment—that promote ongoing stability, scalability and performance of your Hyland solutions. 

When to consider Hyland’s Infrastructure Planning Services

  1. Prior to implementing, expanding or converting to a Hyland platform
  2. When you need an assessment of current state, and/or a tactical, multiyear plan aligning technology, business-level initiatives & executive vision
  3. As part of designing High Availability solutions or Disaster Recovery plans
  4. When preparing the organisation for enterprise software change
  5. To maximise existing infrastructure
  6. When performance is changing in certain geographical or business areas,
  7. When assessing waste/bottlenecks in processes across the enterprise or gaps in Hyland solutions vs. business needs
  8. When productivity decreases because user adoption is not maximised or at certain/peak times of system usage

Infrastructure Planning services include:

Capacity and scaling evaluation services

Our engineers work with your technology and business units to analyse resource utilisation current states, and identify areas to address in order to meet scaling requirements and avoid potential future resource limitations.

Performance services

We evaluate your infrastructure, database, and solution configurations and provide solution-specific settings to improve performance and stability, including proper database maintenance recommendations. This yields continuing high-performing solutions for customers with solutions of all sizes and complexity.

Our Performance Assessment provides an in-depth look at your current baseline in terms of performance, and recommendations to meet specific goals in terms of improved performance, expansion or other requirements.

High-availability planning and disaster recovery services

We evaluate your enterprise architecture to determine the best methodology for high availability (HA), based on your organisation's stated goals of uptime, recovery point, recovery time, and SLAs. Disaster Recovery (DR) roadmaps include tasks, functions, personnel roles, critical timeframes, strategies for backups and recommended testing and review schedules.