Streamline Business Processes

A strategic ECM solution should streamline your business processes while staying flexible enough to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

The efficiency of your organisation’s business processes is paramount to its success and the stability of your bottom line. Whether you’re focused on the big picture or the day-to-day effectiveness of employees, the details of how your information moves through your organisation will no doubt impact you.

A strategic enterprise content management (ECM) solution like OnBase should streamline your business processes while staying flexible enough to meet your organisation’s specific needs.

Many of the process pains you have are specific to your industry. To solve these, you need more than technology experts. You need industry experts that have worked in organisations like yours and can understand your challenges.

Can you give me an example?

That’s what happened with Seguros de Occidente (Occidente), a world-renowned insurance company headquartered in Guatemala City, Guatemala. The insurer wanted to increase its market share and rise above its competitors. The insurer was successfully using OnBase to electronically streamline business processes, but Occidente leaders knew they weren’t using the solution to its fullest potential. Occidente needed to create a short- and long-term plan for continuous process and system improvements.

So the company reached out to Hyland Software’s industry experts and members of our Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG).  ESG was able to provide the insurer with a thoroughly documented roadmap, helping the company develop a better understanding of what process improvements it needed, where and why. Occidente empowered its employees to better use existing applications to help make day-to-day tasks more efficient and cost effective, reducing the time it took to issue new policies and process claims.

One of the biggest outcomes? Actionable strategies for short- and long-term needs.

“The number one recommendation Hyland gave us was to create an ECM committee,” says Marta Julia Fernandez, IT project manager. “It gave us advice on how to make it easier for our teams to move from a paper to electronic environment so we can get work done faster.”

High-value, focused work to streamline business processes

Current business processes may not be documented so employees can’t adopt them and aren't empowered to get things done. Also, the processes as is may have high-value, high-cost employees spending time on low-value or repetitive tasks needed to do business.

Many of your business processes involve applications you use every day like email or your core applications (ERP, student information system, and so forth.). Get ahead by seamlessly integrating your ECM solution with these core applications to eliminate siloed information and leverage your existing technology investments.

Improving your business processes should also identify compliance and regulatory risks. Your ECM solution must provide intuitive, native functionality to help your organisation fulfill regulatory requirements.

Inconsistent and ineffective processes result in additional time to make decisions as well as choices made based on partial information, causing lost productivity and profits, and an increase of regulatory or compliance risk.

The ECM technology and strategy you invest in should ensure that the processes you rely on every day empower your users and are more efficient and effective because of that solution.