Document Capture Software

Empowers individuals to improve the way they do business

What is document capture software?

Today, organisations receive document from so many locations and in so many formats, it is almost impossible to track. Many organisations find themselves buried under a mixture of paper and electronic documents.

Document capture software combines scanning, importing and integration capabilities to capture incoming documents into a central, digital repository.

The benefits of implementing document capture

When combined with a content management system, document capture software empowers individuals to improve the way they do business in a number of ways, including:

Streamlined document tracking – After digitising all document and placing them in a content management system, every touch point on those documents, including all modifications, are trackable. Simplified collaboration– When all the needed information can be found in a single location, stakeholders can work with the same up-to-date information at once, opening up opportunities to easily collaborate. Improved customer service – By immediately capturing information in a central location, document capture ensures that staff who work with customers have the information they require as soon as it is received and that it is easily accessible.

How OnBase document capture software can help digitise your organisation's processes

OnBase provides automated data capture capabilities to reduce manual data entry and speed the capture process. OnBase captures any content format, including scanned paper or electronic documents. It also offers direct integrations with scanning devices as well as electronic systems, including:

Email Microsoft Office Other back-end systems to make capturing documents into OnBase simple and seamless.

With OnBase organisations have access to mobile document capture, enabling individuals to take an image of a document and the software automatically cleans up the quality.

These document capture capabilities are available on the same platform that provides content management, case management and automated workflow – helping organisations improve their processes through digitisation and central access.