Discover some of the most commonly used terms and their meaning

Learn ECM

Discover how enterprise content management can reduce costs, improve customer service and minimise risks associated with compliance and other regulations. ECM solutions, like OnBase by Hyland, fill gaps in your processes, keeps costs low and productivity high.

Back Office and Shared Services

Learn more about common back office solutions, such as human resources software, accounts payable document management and contract management.

Business Process Management

Discover the different areas of business process management, including bpm software, automation solutions, and low-code.

Document Management

Consolidates all of your organisation’s information in one place and store it electronically to it's easier to find the documents you need.

Case Management

Case management software enables organisations to address a range of business challenges and manage unpredictable information-centric work. Find out more.

Content Services

Content services represent the next evolution of the enterprise content management (ECM) industry. So, what are content services? Click here to learn more.

Data Capture

Data capture software automatically classifies your important business documents, extracts and validates critical information. Learn the terminology around this solution.

Digital Transformation

At a time of digital transformation, businesses are leveraging technology to improve agility and customer service. Learn more about the trends and benefits.

Rapid Application Development

Rapid application development (RAD) prioritises prototyping and iterative development over planning. Learn more about the benefits of RAD.

Disaster Recovery Software

Learn all about disaster recovery software -- why you need it and what makes OnBase disaster recovery solutions unique.

What is Human Resources Software?

What is human resources software? Discover how HR processes can be optimised to automate departmental functions, allowing staff to focus on employee relationships.

Document Imaging

Converts paper documents into electronic format for both business processing purposes as well as long term storage.

Records Management

Assists in meeting legal retention requirements to help companies avoid fines, unsuccessful audits and more.

Software Integrations

Integrating with other technologies, from electronic medical record systems to core banking solutions, optimises ECM solutions.

Workflow Management

Helps organisations efficiently assign work among employees by automating business processes.

E-Signature Software

E-signatures provide people with the ability to sign electronic documents from anywhere at any time. Learn how e-signature software helps organisations meet security and business goals.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent automation helps businesses and employees focus on high-value tasks that build more meaningful connections with customers. Learn more.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise information exists in different systems, databases and servers. Learn how enterprise search enables you to access all content regardless of location.