• Crisis management

  • Remote workforce

  • System demand

  • Staffing impacts

  • Business continuity

  • Virtual training programs

Assist affected individuals when they need it most

The OnBase crisis management Workview configuration export is available for all customers on OnBase 18 or higher free of charge

In the midst of a crisis, you need to ensure your organization can respond proactively – not just reactively.

Our quick-to-deploy crisis management tracking app empowers you to track and support affected individuals (including employees, students, teachers and citizens) and supplies such as medical equipment and vehicles during an emergency situation.

If an individual becomes infected with a contagious virus like COVID-19, they may self-report their health status to their HR staff, educational institution or local government agency via the app. The organization can then track the lifecycle of the incident – from initial self-report all the way through any actions that need to be taken to close the case, such as working from home until healthy or needing additional constituent services, as well as any follow-up with other individuals with whom they may have come in contact.

By tracking individuals, events and equipment, your organization can better respond to immediate needs and maximize assistance, allowing you to better care for your most important asset – your people.

Crisis management app support

Access a library of crisis management tracking application resources, including documents, videos and an upcoming on-demand webinar, gathered to support our customers and partners through times of difficulty.

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Empowering your remote workforce

Try ShareBase free until July 31, 2020 and pilot the OnBase Web Server free for six months*

At this unprecedented time, millions of workers are being asked to work from home – almost overnight. This scale of remote work creates specific challenges not only for required system and information access, but also for required collaboration.

Hyland customers, keep your users connected, your content accessible and your critical processes moving forward with a free limited-time subscription to ShareBase, our secure cloud-based content sharing and collaboration platform, and a free six-month pilot of the OnBase Web Server.

For all customers who don’t currently own ShareBase, we’re offering a free subscription until July 31, 2020, shortening typical deployment time and providing immediate benefit. For current ShareBase subscribers, we’re providing free expansion to an unlimited number of users through at least July 31, 2020, to better support your workforce.

To further improve remote access and support process continuity, OnBase customers also have the opportunity to pilot the OnBase Web Server free for six months. This provides secure, web-based access to your enterprise data and documents, and real-time interactions with business processes: anywhere, any time.

*Programme details

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Increased demand on critical systems

We understand how critical it is to maintain your day-to-day operations – particularly when systems are overstressed in times of struggle.

Hyland is offering rental licensing at the normal licensing cost, prorated on a monthly basis. This will allow customers to quickly scale applications without paying any sort of penalty fee normally associated with temporary system demand. These rental licenses will be issued rapidly and can be retired once the need is no longer there.

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Preparing for staff impact

In the coming months, many of your employees may need to take time off to focus on their health and the health of their families. Hyland can assist with staffing challenges via our managed services offerings. We have long-standing programs in place for temporary coverage for both admin and developer roles.

Whether you need support for your Hyland application or are looking for a way to free up your OnBase admin to cover another business gap, we are able to augment your coverage to ensure your critical business processes are not disrupted. We can help ensure your Hyland applications are running smoothly or even rapidly deploy new custom solutions to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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Ensuring business continuity

From critical contingency planning and security safeguards to disaster recovery solutions and related consulting, Hyland can help you avoid business disruption. On-premises deployments can be negatively impacted by the inability to have staff onsite, including managing the physical infrastructure, identifying and troubleshooting issues, and ensuring continued availability of the database to all who need access. 

You can work with Hyland to ensure business continuity at this challenging time – from embracing critical contingency planning and security safeguards to offering disaster recovery solutions and related consulting. Our ultimate business continuity offering – the privately managed Hyland Cloud – is designed to provide you with secure remote access to your critical content (and your customers’ critical information) with high availability — 99.99% uptime.

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Expanded Access to Remote Education

In support of your critical need to respond to changes in your business and improve issue resolution, Hyland’s Spring Training Program introduces our largest catalog of free modules along with discounted training offerings. All of which are available for your entire remote workforce.

Now is the time to ensure your team has the skills they need to effectively support your Hyland solutions and ensure they adapt to the ever changing demands of the business and your customers. The Spring Training program provides opportunities to establish and refine competencies across all of the Hyland product lines.

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  • Sign up for 6 Unique Webinar Series to develop and expand your skills with OnBase Administration, Workflow, WorkView, Healthcare Administration, Healthcare Imaging, and Perceptive Content, all for a single low price.
  • Complete Free Premium Modules, including hands-on labs, have been added to our catalog for all, expanding the number of free elearning modules to over 90.
  • Expand your Remote Skills through our Remote expertise module which have been added to our catalog for all users, helping everyone adjust to a remote work environment and improve the quality of remote meetings.
  • Attend the Online TechQuest that has been added for May!  This new instance of TechQuest was rolled out based on our tremendous success this past March with our remote conference.  The full TechQuest agenda will be available from the comfort of your home office.
  • Questions or need further details?  Contact us directly at [email protected]