Is it time to say goodbye to your legacy ECM system?

If your organization is like many others, you likely have one or more legacy ECM or repository system still in service, actively supporting your core business processes. With its outdated interface and lacking integration options, it is probably already detracting from your users’ productivity. But legacy technology often has many other, less obvious detriments including:

Why choose Hyland?

Unlike legacy ECM systems, Hyland is a modern content services platform designed to flexibly support your business requirements and help your employees focus on high value tasks. 

With Hyland, you get not only our industry-leading content services, but also a robust platform with features you need today, from cloud and low code development to microservices and APIs. Hyland enables your organization with next-generation application delivery, giving you continuously improved technology while empowering your business departments to configure and deploy their own applications.

But, of course, the right technology is only one factor in your modernization success. What also matters is how this technology is implemented into your processes and your existing technology ecosystem. Hyland’s team of industry experts can help you at every step of your modernization journey, from planning to implementation and training. And, with our experience from tens of thousands of deployments, we can also help you leverage your industry’s best practices to find your own shortcut to ROI. 

Data migration

Need to migrate millions (or billions) of records from your legacy system? No problem! Hyland offers multiple conversion options to ensure you move only what you need and when you need to. Our data conversion experts deliver predictable file conversion projects that meet your scope, timeline and budgetary needs.

We’ve conducted hundreds of successful conversions to the Hyland platform. Isn’t it time to break free from your legacy ECM and take content and process management to the next level? 

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