Hyland Credentials: Digital Solutions for Higher Ed

Create efficiencies, increase security and empower students with digital credentials

Diplomas, certificates, badges and transcripts all contribute to a lifelong record of learning and achievement. However, these records are often still paper-based documents that are slow to issue, easy to fake and expensive to verify. That’s why many higher education organisations are now looking for alternative ways to issue credentials.

Hyland Credentials for Higher Ed provides a complete system to issue digital credentials in a blockchain-secured format that is shareable and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world. This innovative solution enables schools and universities to create and issue official records faster in a digital format and manage credentials that your institution and the recipient co-own. Credentials can be  viewed, shared and verified independently of any vendor network or proprietary software.  

Benefits of Hyland digital credentials solution for higher education

Improve efficiency and increase security

Official records are often still paper-based, with the average print time for diplomas from four-to-six weeks. This results in a high-cost approach that lacks security and is inconvenient for everyone involved.

Hyland Credentials for Higher Ed provides a no-code, complete solution for digital credentialing from issuance to authentication and verification. Removing paper from the process, this solution increases efficiencies without capital investment and programmatic overhaul. Plus, the solution helps prevent fraud and reduce risk by using the Blockcerts open standard — the most secure digital document format in the world today.

Empower students

Credentials provide recognition of the academic achievements that students have earned at your institution. But, when credentials are still given out strictly in a physical format, it results in a lack of recipient ownership — creating verification delays for your students and alumni.

Hyland Credentialing for Higher Ed provides digital, secure and verifiable credentials that a student can take with them anywhere. Empower your alumni with the ability to quickly provide other institutions or employers their credentials for faster enrolment, degree or hiring decisions. And, as businesses increasingly prefer digital credentials for evaluating candidates, this solution can also help strengthen relationships between employers and your institution.

Enhance brand visibility and reputation

In today’s digital-first mindset, Hyland Credentials for Higher Ed enables graduates to instantly share credentials on social media, broadening your market reach and reputation as a forward-thinking, innovative institution. Records are both human and machine readable with the ability for your institution to recreate the paper or pdf-based design in a digital format for brand continuity and recognition.

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