How a leading technology consulting firm leveraged Document Filters to create value in an otherwise stagnant technology environment

Customer Case Study

For expert consulting firm Anexsys, a lack of high-quality and speedy document management had become a lynchpin problem for the organisation. Its customers expected technology that out-performed the market norms and advanced commonly used solutions. Already a partner with DocumentFolio, Anexsys needed to boost the functionality of that industry-standard presentation and processing suite to better batch-process, convert, print, and deploy intelligent automatic redaction.

With those goals in mind, Document Filters, the Hyland solution for deep inspection, extraction, conversion and manipulation capabilities, was implemented. The quick setup and simple adoption created immediate pay-offs: 

  • Expanded power of DocumentFolio’s bundling and conversion process
  • Ultra-accurate renderings of multiple file formats into printable PDFs, without losing Document Folio’s necessary features
  • Pixel-by-pixel redaction that rendered coordinates of words on pages, regardless what file format the document was sourced from, while using optical character recognition (OCR) for nonsearchable documents
  • Easy licensing and simplified future management commitments with Document Filters’ single SDK

The power of Document Filters is impressive not only because of what it does on its own, but also because of what it can do enhance the technology you’re already leveraging. For a company like Anexsys, where outperforming the competition in order to keep and attract clients is imperative, Document Filters created a path to improvement in a place where similar businesses were lying in wait.

To learn more about Anexsys’s road to Document Filters — and its results — download the Anexsys success story.